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Music award

Festival 2019

11th music festival "Hour of Music"

As part of the " Grand Prix of Folklore - International Folklore Dance Festival for the state of Mecklenburg -Wetsern Pomerania is the "Hour of Music" since 2009. The idea for this music festival created in collaboration with the University of Music and Theatre in Rostock with the aim to take heed of the folk music. The participants are the music groups of the invited folklore dance groups.

At this music competition every group plays 3 pieces of music which altogether shouldn't last longer than ten minutes.

1. A classic composition: baroque, classical to avant-garde, which is     freely selectable.

2. One compulsory piece: the compulsory piece is a German folk     song that every band needs to play. The compulsory piece will be     known in some time. The notes get all the music groups in     advance. The type of Präsentaton is freely selectable.

3. A composition from the native country, which is freely selectable.

There is no age restriction for the music participants. This contest is only for instrumental music. Singing is not allowed. It will be evaluated by a jury composed of professors from the University of Music and Theatre in Rostock. The award ceremony takes place in the afternoon during the final program takes place at the festival .

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