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Things to know

Principal objects of the International Folklore dance Festival

  • Preserving  cultural heritage and  sharing, further developing and enhancing it for the present and future generations

  • create new encounters with the culture of the former German language- and settlement areas and their preservation, support and further development

  • call attention to traditional and rediscovered contents and forms of customs and cultural heritage as well as their adaption to current circumstances.

  • contributing to the preservation of cultural diversity of the regions of Europe


  • Invitation of groups from the former "Eastern Block" with their culture, customs and traditions

  • Our festival is the only possibility to revive the cultural heritage of east and southeast Germany, as our children and other young people attend to and identify with it. With this the abundance of culture in East Germany will be preserved and can contribute to the entire German folk culture

  • Both young and old identify themself with the common cultural property and custums so that it will stay active

  • Review the common history and cultural history and that specifically with respect to regional specifics.

  • Providing possibilities for creative work and orientation while creating one's cultural identity.

  • To connect „the own" and „the foreign" in our festival to play a crucial role in counteracting xenophobia and racism

  • The festival awards an open audience award, a jury's award and since 2009 a musician's award the „Musical contest for the bladder fiddle"

  • All participating groups must have live music, if not they can not take part in award competitions.

Innovative approach of the aim positions of the festival as regards content

Our festival stands for cultural activities in general and the contact with the cultural legacy, the customs and the maintenance of traditions in particular under older and newer conditions. We want to reflect the experiences of the past and today and also to consolidate the new possibilities of the international collaboration with all partners.

The exchange and reconditioning of traditions, the experience and understanding of other cultures, always builds a bridge between the familiar and the foreign, because the fundamental part of all cultures is also the basic principle of tolerance. These experiences that the participating groups make with each other, we would like to bring to the audience.

In 27years of dance festival history, we have made great contribution in our region to the extent that we have taken the locals the anxiety and fear of contact our guests and foreign cultures, so that our guests were always greeted with acclaim and welcomed.

Previous countries taken part

Children, youth and adults folkloredance groups and folkdance groups from the following countries have participated in our International folk dance festival for the federate state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with their musical groups:

Albania * Argentina * Armenia * Austria * Baelarus * Belgium * Bosnia and Herzegovina * Bulgaria * Canada * China * Colombia * Coock islands * Costa Rica * Denmark * England * Estonia * Finland * France * Georgia * Greece * Holland * Indonesia * Israel * Italia * Kenya * Latvia * Lithuania * Macedonia * Mexico * Nigeria * Peru * Poland * Portugal * Romania * Russia * Sweden * Senegal * Serbia * Slovakian republic * Slovenia * Spain * Taiwan * Czech Republic * Turkey * Ukraine * Hungary * Venezuela * United States of America * Yugoslavia *

The following federate states of Germany took part in the International Folklore Dance Festival for the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania:

Schleswig-Holstein * Lower Saxony * Free State of Bavaria * Free State of Saxony * Hamburg * Berlin * Thuringia * Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania * German minority of the Sorbs *

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